A bunch of little things

Today our dorm, actually about 15 people from just the southeast unit, took a trip to Wolf Park. It’s a research park for, of all things, wolves. It’s similar to a zoo for wolves, except that they have staff there to answer questions and tell you quite a bit about the animals. You can see pictures at wolfpark.netbymatt.com.

At the end of this week we’ve got our last football game. It’s against IU, need I say more? Before that, on Thursday, we’re having a rank dinner. The time and location for that has yet to be decided. Then on Friday, we’re getting pizza for our floor here at Tark, and after that we’re going to see “Die Another Day.” Yes, that’s right, I’m going to see another movie. Then there’s the band awards banquet next Sunday. Hmmm… Maybe I should have titled this “Food, food, food.” Then it’s only two day’s until Thanksgiving break, and that means more food!

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