A change of pace

Today was quite fun. Like the last few days, I haven’t had to much work to do, but the stuff that I did was really enjoyable.

To begin, I had my EET 107 lab today. The lab wasn’t simple, but it took a while to get done. I was really impressed with the atmosphere in the lab. The instructors for my session include the course professor, and two TA’s. They keep a relaxed atmosphere going in the lab, but also keep everyone on task. It is quite nice.

Marching was a lot of fun today, as well. We played through our pre-game concert at Slater Center. Then, on the way to the drill field the band got to run a bus off the road. It eventually ended up making a three point turn to get out of a dead end.

Tomorrow I’m going out to get some pizza with my friend down the hall. He’s also in band. We’re planning on figuring out everything that we’ll need for the game, so we’ll be ready Saturday morning.

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