All summer

Between finals, work and vacation, I have really fallen behind on this. I left off talking about grades for last semester. They all turned out just fine. The finals weren’t all that bad either. I took two days off before starting work this summer to take care of some things that I needed to at home. My girlfriend, who graduated in May, stayed at Purdue for the week between the end of finals and graduation. She came up to Chicago to visit me for two of those days. We went downtown to the Cheesecake factory, and tried to go to the top of the Hancock building, but it was too cloudy. We also played golf the next day before she came back to Purdue.

After that I started work. I found the job through one of the professors here at Purdue that I help in the lab. He had kept in touch with a Purdue graduate that runs his own industrial control shop in northwest Indiana. I did a little work for them over winter and spring breaks, but I was able to get a lot more involved with projects this summer since I was there for more than a week at a time. I was put in charge or programming and installing a camera that checks printed lot numbers as the product travels along an assembly line. That included spending a day at the plant where it was installed tweaking the programming for their particular application. I also worked on a 22′ limestone saw, that could cut as accurately as 1/100′. Other projects included a 80′ tall hydraulic press, and a table used to check the assembly of a car’s headliner. I’ll be going back there next summer once I graduate from Purdue.

Work took up the majority of my time this summer, from 7-6 Monday through Friday, but it was worth it. I also work on several web sites, which took up even more time. The nice thing about that was that I made some money this summer, so I bought myself some new toys including a digital camera, a memory upgrade for my computer, several DVDs, including Garfield and Friends (not the movie), Ghosts of the Abyss (a Titanic documentary) and the 25th Anniversary Edition of the Blues Brothers. I also picked up the Sims 2, the University expansion pack, and I’ll be getting the Nightlife expansion pack when that comes out in a few weeks.

I did have a few breaks from work this summer. We went to Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan, WI for a weekend. I got quite a bit of use out of my new golf clubs there, although I did prove that the clubs don’t make a difference in game play. I actually shot one stroke more on the same 18 holes than I did last year with my old set of clubs.

Two weeks ago we took a cruise to the northeast. We started in Philadelphia, and went north. Our vacation started a day before the cruise left, in Philadelphia visiting the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. We got on the cruise ship the next day, and then traveled to Martha’s Vineyard. We rented some bikes there and rode to a nearby lighthouse for some pictures. I ended up shooting 533 pictures during the trip with my new camera. Our next stop was Portland, where we took a lighthouse tour. My dad and I also played in the ping-pong tournament on the ship. I was out of the tournament after losing 11-2 to a guy from England who plays in a league’ and brought his own paddle. The next day’s stop was Bar Harbor. My dad and I went kayaking around some of the islands. That was a lot of fun. Our final stop was Halifax, where we took a cruise on a tall ship. I had to help raise the jib (that’s the sail in the front of the ship).

Now I’m back at Purdue and classes start Monday. I think I’m ready for them, but I’m disappointed that I didn’t have any time this summer to work on my senior project. I’m sure that I’ll still be able to get it done, but it will be taking more time than I wanted during the semester. I’ve included a picture of my dorm below, just because I was playing with my camera a few minutes ago.

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