Almost time to start

Well, I had my first two scheduled classes today. The first one was simply a survey that is given to all of the freshmen. We took it in the Elliot Hall of Music. I had been in the basement of the hall for most of the week with band rehearsal and hadn’t had a chance to see the actual auditorium. Wow, it is huge.

After that the School of Technology had a brief orientation meeting and a cookout. One of the professors talked about the EET program for a few minutes. Then they had a contest. Teams of 6 were given marshmallows and toothpicks and had to build the tallest and most stable building. We didn’t end up winning, but it was a lot of fun. Once we were done some of the faculty cooked hot dogs, and we had dinner. Many of the faculty members were eating with us so we could ask them questions about the courses. That was rather helpful. I was able to find out what each one of my courses was, and why I can’t get a book for one of my classes yet.

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