Another Month

Where do they keep going? Once again, I have managed to let a lot of time slip by without updating this.

Anyways, A lot has happened in the past month. Well, now that I think about it, not that much happened. To talk about classes, quickly, they’ve been going well, with the usual exception. There was another exam in that class, history, last night. I’m not sure about how I did on that. After looking over my notes after the exam, I realized that I may have mixed up a few names. I think I got the order of events right, though. Oh well, what can you expect when you’re talking about a country that designates it leaders by numbers and has two revolutions within 80 years. On a different note, I assembled my voltmeter this week. I was surprised to see it work when I put the battery in. I was also surprised to see that the “free gift” that they send with the circuit board was microwave popcorn.

Now that I’ve gotten the boring stuff out of the way, what else happened. Not a lot. I played my first game of Uno since senior year of high school. That same weekend we also got out the Garfield Monopoly game. On a fluke, I happened to win. Also, I went to Culver’s for the first time. My roommate’s girlfriend’s parents took us all out for that. I now see what’s so great about it. Right before break, I had an exam, and I do mean right before break. The good news is I’ve always gotten A’s on exams that I take and then immediately leave the county. This one kept in line with that rule.

When I got home for break, I went directly to the place with the second best burgers on the south side of Chicago. What’s the first, well, that’s a tough call. I brought a bit of work home with me to do. Surprisingly that all got done, including the History I didn’t expect to do.

We also celebrated my birthday on various days throughout the week. This year I got a Purdue jacket and a Sears Tower Puzz 3D. That puzzle was probably one of the most difficult that I have done, since all the pieces look almost exactly the same. It probably didn’t help that I was up until 1:30 AM trying to work on it. I had to give up when all the pieces just started looking like a blur. I also got a new keyboard and mouse. I’m quite fond of the wirelessness (yeah, I know that’s not a word) of both of them. And the new side-to-side scroll wheel is great. In the mail, on my birthday surprisingly, I got a few cards, and some puppy chow (no, not really puppy chow, {{link;skin=kelloggs this stuff}}). Finally, my roommate got me some fuzzy dice and a compass. The fuzzy dice were to “make my car half as cool as his.” I had to remind him just how cool my car was when you consider its price (free). The compass was a joke, since when I went to visit him last year it was cloudy and I never was able to figure out what direction was north.

Not much has happened since I got back. In addition to the history exam, I also had an exam in my projects course. That went fine. I also gave an hour and a half long tour of our hall. Actually, the tour was about 10 minutes, then the tour group gets to eat lunch in our dining hall and I have to stick around to answer questions. I know that it doesn’t seem like me, but I really enjoy doing that. Maybe it’s because I get to help people out, something that I really enjoy doing. I’ve also got an exam next week in my other two ECET courses. I really need an A one, if I get it I won’t have to take the final in that course.

Alright, only four weeks of classes left and a week of finals. I don’t know what I’m doing for summer yet, but I’m trying to get an internship.

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  1. Written by Giovanani Go
    on April 6, 2004 at 6:39 am

    So where exactly is the second best hamburgers in Chi-Town?

  2. Written by Giovanni Go
    on April 6, 2004 at 6:41 am

    And I think your time is off …. I’m posting this at 2:40 AM EDT (or 1:40 AM EST for the weirdos in Indiana)… not 6:39 AM EST

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