Another week

Well, this wasn’t one of the fastest weeks on record, but I got through it. There wasn’t a lot happening academically, that’s reserved for next week with and exam and a speech. Should be interesting. The exam is in OLS, so that shouldn’t be all that bad. The speech is for COM, and that speech should be a lot of fun. It has to be about something “newsworthy.” I had some trouble coming up with a topic initially, but after meeting with the instructor I decided to talk about tablet PCs. As long as I can find enough to present to fill up 4-5 minutes I think I’ll enjoy this speech.

Outside of class we had some fun. Friday we were supposed to play water capture the flag (using water balloons) with some girls, but it seemed like most of the girls didn’t show up. Somehow I had expected that would happen, either way, though, it was fun. And after all 1,200 or so water balloons were used up in about 5 minutes, we started a game of Ultimate Frisbee with the people who were still there.

After that we went to BW 3’s, that’s Buffalo Wild Wings (don’t ask me where the 3 comes from), for dinner. About 12 guys from our floor came with so that was a lot of fun.

Saturday was a little slow. Other than the Purdue game (we won) on TV there wasn’t much to do until my roommate and his girlfriend invited me to come with them to watch their high school marching band perform. That was about an hour down the road, near Indy. It was a lot of fun, even though I felt a little out of place. They went to talk to a lot of their friends who were still in the band before and after the show which put me in a bit of an unusual situation since I didn’t know anyone. The performances were great, and brought back a lot of memories of my high school band experiences. My friend’s high school won their division, and after watching them, it was very apparent why. We finished the evening with the traditional trip to Steak ‘n Shake.

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