Back at Purdue

Then there was Christmas, which seemed to be cut a little thing called a bowl trip.

The entire marching band, and some other important organizations, traveled to El Paso, Texas for the Sun Bowl. The trip was a nearly a week long, and was a lot of fun. We flew out of Purdue’s airport on the 27th. We had plenty of time to ourselves that night at the hotel. The next day, we had a rehearsal, but then we went to the Cattleman’s steakhouse and ranch. The ranch was rather boring, but we got a free steak dinner helped us figure out why about half the pens out at the ranch were empty. The next day we had another rehearsal, then we went to Mexico. We were dropped off at the border and had to walk across. We had about four hours to waste there, but we were only in Mexico four about an hour. Then we went back to the US and spent most of our remaining time at McDonalds as did most of the band. Now we’re up to Monday, that was a little busy. We had three different pep rallies, all of which the Washington band showed up late for. After that, both of the bands went to a Mexican restaurant. Somehow, Washington made it there early, go figure. Then we had the game on New Year’s Eve. That was fun, we performed most of our usual pre-game show, and our Michael Jackson halftime show. And, of course, Purdue won, 34-24. Right after the game we flew back to Indy. Our plane landed at about 10 minutes until midnight. Then we were bussed back to Purdue, where we had to turn in our uniforms, that took forever.

After that, I didn’t do much more during break. About the only highlight was going to my high school for a basketball game, that’s the first time I’ve ever paid to get into a sporting event there.

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