Band’s fine, but the weather…

We started marching today. It’s quite a bit different than what I am used to, but I think I am adjusting well. For now we’re learning the fundamentals. That’s how to move your feet, where to hold your instrument and so on. Friday, once the final band members are decided, we’ll begin learning the drill. That’s the formations that the band makes on the field.

That’s the part that’s been ok. The weather hasn’t been all that hot, but is has been very humid. It also rained heavily during our lunch break, so the practice field was soaked by the time we got back. Of course, everyone knows how pleasant wet, muddy grass is. Further complicating the situation is the lack of air-conditioning in my dorm. We’ve got a few fans, which seems to work well once the sun goes down, but during the day it’s not very pleasant. I’ll probably end up eating my words in a few months when it gets cold and I find out how the heating works in the building.

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  1. Written by The Flynn's
    on August 14, 2002 at 1:51 pm

    Matt, we got your e-mail address and your on-camera address from your mom. We enjoyed reading your diary. It’s really great and we love to hear all about your goings-on! We will continue to read it to keep up-to-date on what you’re doing. ~The Flynns

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