Day one (again)

I was having so much fun looking through all of the toys that I got for my EET labs, I almost forgot to do this. Well, my schedule for today was rather nice. I started at 7:30 but then I had a rather long break before my next class at 2:30. Tomorrow won’t have as long as a break, but it should be ok.

Today I had my calculus class and one of my EET classes. The calculus seems to be going ok, so far. Some of it is review, and there is some new material. The homework seems quite reasonable. The EET course was a little different. It was a lecture, just like my calc class, but we didn’t go through much material today. We got more of an orientation of the EET program and then he talked about his syllabus.

Tomorrow is a little busier, but I am hoping that I can test out of CPT 133. That’s a class on basic office applications. If I can I won’t have a class until after lunch on Tuesdays. That would be nice, it would give me a lot of time to catch up with homework or other things.

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