Decisions, decisions

I had my first lab today. It was cut short since there wasn’t an actual lab activity scheduled. That’s a good thing, too, because a lot of people didn’t have the lab workbook. The class was basically “get the lab manual and don’t blow anything up.”

I also had my freshmen lecture today. The lecture is part of EET 196, which actually talks about electrical engineering, but the lecture portion that I had today discusses what EET is, and has a lot of general information about how to conduct business as a student at the university.

After looking through the EET course mapping, and doing some hard thinking, I realized that taking MATH 261 is hurting my schedule. Marching band already eats up 2 hours a day, and I had to skip an English course this semester to fit it in. Looking ahead, I noticed that there was not really any time to make up the course without overloading on classes. I’ll probably end up droping the math course and going into the English one.

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