Did I miss anything?

Well, yes. I was sick on Thursday, and I’ve been busy trying to catch up with everything.

Since Wednesday, I have dropped my math course and picked up an English course. I haven’t been to it yet, so I’ll be a week behind when I start this Monday. It’s only a writing course, so hopefully I won’t have too much reading to catch up on.

As for the weekend, I don’t really have any plans. We tried to go bowling last night, but there was a two hour wait, so we ended up just listening to the band playing in the union for a while. Tonight, I don’t know what I’ll be doing. Hopefully I’ll find something. Tomorrow there’s trumpet football practice. Football isn’t really one of my favorite sports for playing (but watching it in the stands with the marching band is a different story) so I won’t be going to that. However, it sounds like we may start trumpet ultimate frisbee, which I enjoy playing a lot more. Hopefully we’ll start this soon.

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