Game one


Even if they hadn’t won, the whole marching band experience was great. Even though I was an alternate, I had a great time with all of the festivities.

The day begins with a rehearsal at the drill field. I took a crash course in how to hold a star. For the I Am An American speech I got to hold the middle star (on the 50 yard line). There a simple presentation that goes with it, but I picked that up rather quickly.

After the rehearsal, we march to Slater Center to play a pre-game concert. The concert features the fight songs, and a preview of the half-time show. After the concert we had a short break. I managed to find my parents in the crowd, and we took some pictures of me in my uniform.

Next, we march to the stadium. While the band is doing “run on” we (the alternates) got the stars ready. In addition to presenting the stars we have to hand off some batons to the twirlers so that they can use them later in the show.

During the game, we sit in the north end zone, on the field. After just about every play we do some sort of cheer. During the longer breaks we play an entire song.

After the game, we also play a few songs on the field. This was rather interesting. The alternates didn’t get any instruction as to what we were to do for post-game so we had to figure it out as we went along. For a few seconds it probably looked like there were some lost bandos on the field, but we worked it out.

From the post game concert we march directly to the Hovde Hall. There’s a brief pause about halfway there where each rank gets into a huddle and the tubas play a cadence. Everyone sings a funny little chant about how something aches and how we don’t want to do this anymore. The chant ends with a really slow “but maybe one more time.” Then we get back in order and finish marching to Hovde Hall.

At Hovde we play the fight songs one more time, as well as some of the half-time music and the alma mater. We finally finish up by running out of the “Engineering Mall” where Hovde is located.

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