How many college students does it take to make a burrito?

Three. Last night, the guy across the hall was making a bean burrito, however he couldn’t get the can of beans open since his can opener broke. I offered him my can opener, but neither of us and my roommate could get it to work. Eventually we did get his can opener to open part of the can, but we had to invent our own method to get the rest of it open.

Yesterday was rather boring. Most everyone had gone home for the weekend, so there was no one around. I did get a haircut, my first one from a barber. I am actually quite pleased with it.

Today wasn’t much better. My first class wasn’t until 2:30, so I got to sleep in, but I still didn’t have anything to do once I got up. The best news of the day came while I was reading through the marching band agenda. It said “the challenge block will be first tomorrow.” Looks like I have a chance to march at Notre Dame.

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