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We went to see “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” today at the Stewart Center, but they couldn’t get the audio to work so everyone walked out. The movie cut into the Purdue vs. Iowa basketball game, but since we all left, we got to see the end. Actually, we all pulled out our cell phones and called anyone that we knew that might be able to get us the score. I called my dad who had the game on TV so I put him on speaker phone and we all stood on the corner and listened to him relay the game to us. He did a great job. Thanks dad! After we found out that there was a 30 second time out we sprinted back to our dorm, ran into our counselor’s room to catch the last few seconds of regular play, and once the game went into overtime we all went back to our rooms to watch the game and yelled just as loud as we would have at a game. After all that Purdue won, that’s all that counts.

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  1. Written by C-Book
    on February 2, 2003 at 5:37 pm

    Yo, much props for the support, dawg.

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