Isn’t that nifty

I don’t often click on ads on websites, but I was looking at the TV listings on Yahoo, and saw an ad for their internet radio stations, and, for some reason, clicked on it. Well it turns out that was probably the best ad that I’ve ever clicked on. Not only do they have stations with a bunch of different genres, but you can create your own station. It asks which genres you like, and then asks you to select some artists from each genre that you like to listen to. Then it starts playing some of the artists you selected as well as some that it thinks that you will like. You then get to rate each song, artist and album as the song plays, and depending on how you rank the songs it will play them more or less often. If you want to listen to my station, or make your own click below:
My Radio Station

Posted on April 29, 2003 at 1:03 pm by Matt Walsh ยท Permalink
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