It must be Christmas

Darn, still two months away. But I did get a few packages today. My parents sent a ton of stuff. First there was a Halloween card. That was cute. Then there were the Halloween cookies! Mmmm… Sugar cookies. They also sent along snack crackers and a bag of Charleston Chews. I love those, and you can only find them around Halloween. In the other package was some stuff that I actually needed. There was a warm shirt for me to wear with my band uniform and some other stuff that I was about to run out of.

Today I also got a triple output power supply. Actually, it’s the one that I’ve been working on for EET 196. I finished it today. Now it’s ready to use, and since it’s done I don’t have to go the lab anymore. That means that on Mondays and Wednesday’s I have English at 7:30 and then don’t have another class until 2:30. That’s nice, except for the getting up early part. Other than that there’s not really a lot to look forward to this week.

Next weekend is the Ohio State game. I made the block again for that show, but I don’t really think that I did that good of a job during challenges.

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