It’s all over

Well, for the semester anyways. The grades aren’t all in yet, but I have a good feeling about all of them. A few are going to be close, but I think they’ll work out.

I had a lot of fun getting some of those grades. In one of my ECET courses, we had to build two filters in three weeks worth of lab time. Didn’t sound too challenging at first, but we soon found out otherwise. During the first week’s lab, we had a design that would work, according to the computer’s simulation. But we spent all three hours turning screws to make tiny adjustments and never got it to work as it had to for us to get the points for it. The next week went nearly the same. For the last week’s lab, we spent around 3 hours outside of the lab building and testing the circuits. When we brought them into lab to demonstrate them for the instructor, the nearly worked. But, after some tweaking of the instrumentation, we were able to convince the instructor that the resolution of the meters that we were using was not fine enough to make a measurement as accurate as he was asking for. We actually got it done with about an hour to spare.

I didn’t need much for my OLS class grade. Things started out a little slow, before I got used to the way he wrote his quizzes. All that I really needed was a B on the individual paper and group project to keep my A. The individual paper went fine, considering that no one really completely understood what we were supposed to do. The group presentation went a lot better. We did a skit based on “Wayne’s World,” and used the professor as the guest. I got to play the professor, had to dress like him and everything, but everyone, including the professor seemed to enjoy that. Afterwards, several people in the class said that our presentation was the best one that day.

The football team finished the season with a few wins, including one against rival IU. That was a cold game, but we made it through. We’re going back to the Sun Bowl. That makes it the third time in four years. I feel sorry for some of the band members and football players that have been there so many times. Our football season finished up before Thanksgiving, so a few days after the IU game I went home for a Thanksgiving. The day before Thanksgiving I went to the dentist to find out about all that fun that I’ll be having later today getting my wisdom teeth removed. But that’s enough about that. Thanksgiving was rather uneventful, except for some snow that we got one day. We went to see ‘Christmas with the Kranks.’ I wasn’t terribly fond of it. The first half or so had some really bad jokes and attempts at humor, and it was very predictable. The story had a good ending though.

The weekend after Thanksgiving I was back in Chicago. I took my girlfriend to the Museum of Science and Industry, Michigan Avenue, and Gino’s for some pizza. That trip was a lot of fun. On our way out, we decided to get a picture of the two of us with the skyline in the background. I knew just where to take the picture from, but there wasn’t anyone else around to do it. So we had to take about a dozen shots to get it right finally. We ended up giving each other a copy of that picture in a frame for Christmas. In addition to that I also got a lot of candy, Life, Simpsons Edition, and a Colts shirt from my girlfriend. My roommate got me Simpsons Jeopardy, and I got him a ‘gumby green’ (in his words) shirt that says ‘Worst present that I ever got.’ It goes really well with some of the other goofy shirts like that that he has.

Delaware County and GarfieldThe Friday after the Chicago trip my girlfriend took me to Indy for the afternoon. We went to the Indiana state museum and Shapiro’s. The state museum was interesting, with a lot about the history of the state. The museum is in a brand new building, and they’ve done something different with the outside of it. There are 92 counties in Indiana, and each one of them has something on the side of the building that represents it. For example, Delaware County is famous for their glass jars and canning equipment, and is where Garfield was created. On the side of the building there are several shelves with pickle jars, and one of them has Garfield inside (see picture to right). Another interesting exhibit highlighted many of the famous people who were from Indiana.

After that was finals week. I had finals on Tuesday, Thursday, and, of course, Saturday. I say that my finals really started on Thursday, since I needed only a few points on the Tuesday exam to keep my A. I spent a lot of time during finals week playing Mario Kart on Gamecube, since it’s my roommate’s and he’ll be in Fort Wayne co-oping at GE and I won’t be able to play it then. On the flipside, however, I’ll have the room to myself next semester.

Well, Christmas is just a few days away, and I can’t wait. Other than that and getting my teeth pulled, there’s not a lot going on during this break, so maybe I’ll have time to update this a little more frequently. Have a great Holiday!

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