It’s Christmas Time

This whole Christmas thing is finally getting to me. It really started right after Thanksgiving. I between the music and the christmas decorations, I’ve caught the Christmas spirit. The music that I’ve been listening is almost exclusively the {{link Trans-Siberian Orchestra}}. I’d highly recommend that you check them out. You’ve probably heard “Christmas Eve Sarajevo” on the radio plenty of times. The rest of their music is just as good, if not better.

Now, let me go back to a time when I wasn’t in the Christmas spirit, about a week before Thanksgiving. I left my last entry in the middle of a lab practical, which I got an A on. I also had another lab practical in my other ECET course, which I also got an A on. That was about it for the week though. Then Saturday came along.

That’s when Purdue beat IU, at IU, and I was there to see it happen. The trip was a lot of fun, a total of 6 of us all were stuffed into a car to get there, but it was a lot of fun. The game went as expected, except that the officiating at one point was so bad that I had to call my dad, who was watching it at home, to figure out what the refs had done. After the game, we went to a local pizza place for, well, pizza. That was good pizza, but you still have to be in Chicago to get the best.

And I was in Chicago to get some pizza, I got home the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Other than putting up decorations outside our house, I didn’t do much until Thanksgiving day. You can guess what I did for Thanksgiving. Then next day, I helped my girlfriend put up a Christmas tree at her house. After that we went to see “The Haunted Mansion.” Quite a good movie, especially if you know the ride. They really did a great job of taking all of the scenes in the ride and turing them into a story.

Saturday I did some Christmas shopping. I should have know better, traffic was awful, but better than having to drive around campus. That evening my girlfriend came over and helped us put up our tree. I had a lot of fun doing that.

Sunday I had one of the best non-home cooked breakfasts in a long time. I was up on the north side of Chicago (a little to close to Wrigley Field), at a place called “Orange.” I had the jelly donut pancakes, which means that they put some really good jelly between the pancakes. Between that and the orange butter that they put on them, they really are incredible. We also had “fooshi.” It’s pronounced just like sushi, and it looks about the same, except that it’s made with various tropical fruits. That was rather good as well.

It’s been a hectic week since I got back. I’ve got two group projects due next week, and coordinating things with a group is nearly impossible. Actually, my COM group is easy enough to work with, it only has 5 members. My OLS group, which is writing a 10-or-so page paper, has 12 members, which makes getting it done as a group nearly impossible. This was proven on Wednesday night, when no one from my group showed up for our meeting. I gave up my basketball ticket for that? (actually I owed this guy a ticket, he had given me a football ticket earlier in the year).

Well, it’s less than a week until I’ll be home again (weather permitting). I plan to go home for the first half of finals week, since mine don’t start until Thursday. I was in about the same situation last year, and it was incredibly boring, just sitting around here waiting for them. I’m looking forward to that, and hopefully, that will keep me going to get these two group projects done.

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  1. Written by Giovanni Go
    on December 9, 2003 at 1:41 pm

    lucky you… get to go home before finals even start.


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