Let’s play twenty questions

Ok, so the trip back home wasn’t that bad. However I did end up answering the same questions more than once. Going back home was nice. I got to see a lot of family members that I hadn’t seen in a while. I also got to see some friends, well just one. She happened to be the only person that was home this weekend. Everyone else that I know has October break next week, so they also be able to go to homecoming at our high school. I’m not particularly happy about that.

In addition to visiting people, I did some work on a few of my client’s web sites. Now I’ll have some money to spend here. That’s good, because we’re ordering tickets for Blast 2 later this week.
What’s in store for this week? Nothing new really. We’ll still be working on the CD during band. The EET labs won’t be anything special either. We’ll be starting a ping-pong tournament this week for our floor. That should be a lot of fun. Finally, this Saturday there’s a bowling outing planned with the girls from our “sister floor.” This will be the first hall event that I’ll get to go to, band has gotten in the way of everything else.

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  1. Written by Me
    on October 12, 2002 at 7:00 pm

    Asking questions helps you learn.

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