More stuff

Last night, after the game, my parents gave me a bunch of stuff that I asked them to bring. They were mainly little things that I didn’t think of bringing when I was packing. They also brought some food and other consumables. Finally, they got me a Purdue vs. ND shirt. Well, actually my dad got another one for his birthday, so he gave it to me.

Today, I went around town with them getting a few more things and eating everywhere except on campus. We picked up a few other things that I had thought of since they had come down. We also got some accessories for my cell phone. In the process of doing that we messed the thing up for a few hours, but we managed to undo the damage done by the Radio Shack employee.

Tomorrow there are no classes, since it’s Labor Day. So, I don’t have another class until 2:30 on Tuesday, that’s nice. I’ve finished most of my homework, but I still have an English paper to write. It’s an analysis of an ad. I don’t think that it’ll be that bad. It worked out nicely that the paper is due Wednesday, since my parents just brought down all of my magazines that I get at home.

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