Not again

I nearly had a cold yesterday. Actually, I’m not entirely sure if I cought a cold or if my allergies were having a bad reaction to the change in the weather. The weather has cooled off considerably, so much so that for the first time since I moved in (over a month) I turned off my fan.

I found out quite a bit about the libraries here, today. Since I have a paper to write for my freshmen lecture about the future of EET, I had to figure out where the libraries are and what they have. Turns out that the Undergraduate Library carries quite a few technology related magazines so that should make the research simple enough.

Other than that, nothing out-of-the-ordinary has been going on. This weekend there is another home football game, and, like we did before the last game, I’m getting together with another band member down the hall from me to ordering pizza and get all of our stuff ready for the game.

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