October break, and so much more

It’s been a fun week and a half, or so. The week of classes leading up to October break seemed to drag on. I wonder why. The break itself was great. I didn’t go home right after my last class on Friday. I stuck around for the football game on Saturday. Friday night, my roommate’s dad and uncle came to visit (and to see the football game the next day). They took us out for dinner, and then the next day had a tailgate before the game for us. The tailgate was a lot of fun, not only did my parents make it here for the game but so did one of my friends. The game itself was great, we won, of course.

After the game I drove home. Then on Sunday, which kept disguising itself as Saturday, I took care of some business at home, and went to visit some people. Later that night I went out with my friend to her dog’s agility training course. Its training for the same type of obstacles that you see in a dog show. Its really interesting to see how you go about training an animal that you can only communicate with in a few ways.

Monday was reserved for laundry. I had been saving it for a while since I knew that I would be able to do it at home. Ok, maybe the entire day wasn’t reserved for laundry, I did get a chance to make some pumpkin and oatmeal bread with my mom. I’ve already gone through one loaf of it. Good stuff.

Other than the two hour drive back by myself, Tuesday was a lot of fun. I actually went out on a date (yes, you read that right “date”). We went to Chi-Chi’s for lunch and then went to the mall. I’d have to say, its hard to go from having a lot of fun to sitting in a car, by yourself, for two hours, but I managed.

The three days that we had in class this week went by quick, even though I had three tests. I had both a lab practical and an exam in ECET 207. I felt good about the lab practical, but I’m not so sure about the exam itself. There were a few places where I think I got some things mixed up. I also had an exam in OLS. However, this test was on-line, so I got to take it from the comfort of my own dorm room.

Friday night we had a steak dinner here at our dorm. Unfortunately, these were about the worst steaks that they have served here. They did, however, have make-your-own strawberry sundaes, which more than made up for the steak. After that we went to the women’s volleyball game. I had been to plenty of these last year for the band, and, as usual, it is a completely different experience when you are a regular fan. Afterwords, the team signed autographs, and I found out that a girl that I went to high school with is on the team.

The night ended with Midnight Mackey Madness, the kickoff for the basketball season. It actually started at about 10 pm with entertainment and contests for the fans. They tossed t-shirts into the audience, and I happened to catch one. Then they picked random people to participate in various game for prizes. Somehow my roommate and I were both chosen to take a shot from half-court. If we made it we would have won tuition for an entire year. There were a total of 10 people chosen for this, and it was set up such that the first person to make the shot would get the prize and each person only got one shot. We were both near the end of the line, and both got a chance to take the shot. I missed, but was one of only a few that even hit the backboard. I guess that you can only win one big prize in a lifetime.

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