One and a half weeks

Not a lot happened last week. As far as class work was concerned, the EET 157 lab practical was the only event. We got the grades back on that really quickly, and I got a 100%. I can live with that. After I realized that I was putting a sine wave into a circuit that should take a square wave, everything worked fine.

Right after that we left to go to Fort Wayne. My future roommate lives there, and he invited me to go home with him overnight since there was going to be no one left on our floor this weekend. That was a lot of fun. His parents took us out for a steak dinner, which I didn’t expect, but it was really nice. Then we went bowling with his girlfriend. I was hoping to get away from drunk people this weekend, but the two people on the lane next to us were really in bad shape. At least they weren’t as obnoxious as the people on my floor here get when they are drunk. Back to the bowling, I started with a great game of 170 something but the second game was awful with only a 99. The next day we went to Best Buy to figure out what options we had for a TV next year (you can see just how focused on school work that we’ll be). Then we went to the home and garden show. That was, well, uh, something different. We did discover that we could get Dish Network in our room next year (yeah, there goes all of the schoolwork). Then, before we left, his girlfriend’s parents invited both of us over for dinner. Overall I had a good time.

Then we got back here about 9 pm and half of the floor was already drunk. I am really getting sick of putting up with that every weekend. Normally things don’t get to me, but for some reason this is really getting to me, and I don’t know why.

There’s not a lot in store for this week, I don’t even have a reason to look forward to this weekend. It’s going to be a long week and a half, or so, until spring break.

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