One week down

Wow, it seems like it’s been forever, but the first week of class is finally over. It was quite confusing for me, I couldn’t keep straight what was going on in my ECET courses, 304, 307 and 309. All of them have labs and homework. Each one has different requirements for how to do the homework and lab reports and different due dates. I think I managed to get everything done on time, so now we’ll just have to see what the grades on the assignments are when I get them back next week.

The courses them self should be all right though. Two of them are going through a review of calculus, which is good for me, since it’s been about three years since I’ve had that. One course is the continuation of my previous analog course, not my favorite. Another is introduction to communication systems. That ones sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun, and the professor for that seems to be really good. My final ECET course is the digital one. That one will probably end up being my favorite. Our first project is to create a digital dashboard for a car. Data, very similar to what a computer in a car receives, will be fed to the processor, then we have to convert that data into speed, RPM, and odometer, a fuel gauge and a temperature gauge. The good news is that we only have 3 projects in that class, with about 4 weeks each to finish them.

In addition to ECET, I’m also taking an OLS course in individual leadership. That course is going to be really easy, but incredibly boring. The professor is not terribly interesting, but he does just about give us the quiz for the next class word for word. My other course is COM course in small group leadership. That course seems a lot like my first OLS course. That will be really nice.

I haven’t been doing much outside of class. First senate meeting is tomorrow, that should be interesting although I doubt that we’ll have any bills to discuss. We’ve also been playing some racquetball. I’ve lost my touch on that, or at least had when I was playing last night.

Well, maybe I’ll figure out what to do for which class and when by the end of this week. Keep checking back here for an update on my confusion.

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