Well, I went to my first college party yesterday. The trumpets had a cookout at the student leader’s house. The director bought the hamburgers, and everyone who showed up chipped in a few dollars for drinks and snacks. The party was a lot of fun. Most everyone in the section was there.

We watched a video of Blast! I hadn’t seen it before, but I had heard that it is great, and it was. Blast! 2 will be coming to Purdue later this year and I’ll be sure to go.

After the video, everyone shared all of the stores that we didn’t hear about during the history presentation earlier in the week. They also shared some tips on what classes to take and which professors to avoid.

The party wrapped up at about 9:30 pm when most everyone went to the Welcome Back Bash, a dance that is hosted for band members so they can get to know each other.

After the dance, I came back to my room and met the guys across the hall from me. They were going to walk around campus with some of their friends to get oriented and invited me to come along. That was actually quite helpful, since some of their friends were sophomores and could point out the buildings and give us a little of the history of the campus.

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