Quick trip home

This week was a little long since I had two tests on Friday and a speech to prepare for tomorrow, but I had something to look forward to: a trip home. Of course, maybe that’s what made the week seem so long.

The two tests weren’t all that bad. One was in ECET 209, the digital course, the only hard, or more like annoying, part about it was the number of times we had to perform the same conversions. I knew all of the material, though. The other test was in OLS and wasn’t all that bad either, there were a handful of questions that I didn’t initially know the answer to, but I was able to figure it out rather quickly after reading another question or two.

Now on to the fun part, I went to a Sox game with two of my friends this weekend. We left right after our classes Friday, anticipating a lot of traffic, but made it there before the gates to the park even opened. That was the first time I had done it, but that’s a good thing, considering that the game was a sell out. It was a good game and the Sox won. After the game there was a fireworks show. I had seen the show before, when I went with some other friends from Purdue, but I think it’s the best show that I’ve seen there. After the game we went back to my house to stay for the night (but just barely). We had to leave at 6 am so my friend could get back in time for her rugby game. I went to the game (why not, I had already been up for 3 hours) and it turns out that its a rather neat game. Then there was the football game. We blew away Arizona.

One final note, I finally got a haircut and gave my first haircut. If you happen to see the guy I gave a haircut to, don’t mention that little problem on the back of his head. Just kidding, he even agreed that it looked good.

After the speech Monday, the week seems rather calm which will be nice. Then it’s time for the big game, Purdue beats Notre Dame.

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