Road Trip

Last weekend the band took a trip to South Bend, IN, to play at the Purdue vs. Notre Dame game. The game itself wasn’t all that great, but everything else about the trip was.

We left Friday afternoon and went to the College Football Hall of Fame to play a pep rally there. From there we went to Penn High School. We played in an exhibition with their band. That was a fun experience. It also gave me some time to work out the drill, since I had just learned it the previous day. After the performance at the high school, we stayed with Penn families overnight. That was a nice experience. I stayed with a few upperclassmen and the family that was hosting us had two children in Penn’s band.

The next day we met back at Penn. From there we drove to Notre Dame, about a 15 minute trip. We warmed up and practiced at their indoor practice facility and then marched to the stadium.

We got to march part of our pre-game show and all of our Michel Jackson half-time show from last week. We also got to play some “stand tunes” for the few Purdue fans in attendance.

Overall the trip was great. I can’t wait to find out where we’ll be going next year.

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