Road Trip!

The trumpets went to Northwestern today to watch Purdue beat Northwestern. Overall the trip was a lot of fun. Not only did the trumpet section go, but a lot of Purdue students and band members were there as well.

Let’s recap the day in chronological order. We met outside the Elliot Hall of Music at 6 AM, but I had to get up a lot earlier. From there we divided everyone up among the 4 people who were driving. We made it to, and through Chicago in near record time. I was quite impressed. Only about two and a half hours “door to door.” Apparently, there isn’t much traffic at 6 in the morning.

When we got there, we met up with everyone and one of the trumpets brought hot dogs and cookies. Just what everyone needs at 9 in the morning. After that we boarded a shuttle and went over to the stadium. We got there over an hour early, but we didn’t miss the band’s pre-game show.

Since it was homecoming, the alumni band was also there. Considering the little time that they have to practice, they were quite impressive. The Northwestern band did an awsome job. After watching all of their performances and listening to the pieces that they play, it became quite apparent just how many of Northwestern’s traditions my high school band director stole from them. Well, it is his alma mater, so I guess he’s entitled to use some of it.

The game was great as well. We were seated with a lot of Purdue fans, most of which complained about us standing up for the whole game, but we did our best to ignore that. We did the best that we could, without having insturments or a drumline, to do all of our usual game day cheers. It must have helped, since we won. After the game the team came over to our section and sang the fight song with us. Then, as they were leaving the field, the Northwestern band started to enter the field. There was nearly a collision.

On the way back, we stopped and had dinner at Pizza King here in West Lafayette. We had a lot of fun watching the end of a few other games, making fun of the local news, and then watching the new Family Fued.

It will be tought to go back to plain-old-boring band on Monday, but looking forward to the trip at the end of last week kept me going. I nearly forgot about Friday because I was looking just a little too far ahead to the trip, oh well.

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