Rugball, or is it footby?

I don’t know, but about 1:30 this morning we decided to go take a football out into the snow. Initially we just tossed the thing around. Then we started a football game, which then some turned into something that is in between rugby and football. That was fun. After that we were sitting around, drying out when a bunch of drunk guys came home. I am really beginning to get sick of that.

In other news this week, all of my exams went well. I somehow managed to get 150 out of 100 on my physics exam. I don’t know how that works, but I’m not going to complain. I haven’t heard any other grades, which is somewhat surprising since one was all scantron, and the other one was mostly scantron. I do think they went quite well though, I only had to reinvent the wheel once. That’s always a good sign.

Tomorrow we’re still planning on going to the Chicago Auto Show, even though a decent snowfall kept my parents from coming down here for the basketball game. Then next week I have one more test and a band concert on Saturday. Hopefully my parents will be able to make it down here for that. I was really looking forward to eating out.

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