Running: in circles, in place, out of time

Today was just slightly busier than yesterday. That’s ok though, once I get all of my supplies together everything should work out ok.

Running in circles: Today I made two trips to the bookstore. One was early this morning to get some supplies for the classes from Monday. The second time around was to get stuff for today’s classes, and to get the right engineering paper, since I didn’t get it on the first trip.

Running in place: We practiced the run-in during marching band today. That’s a high step that’s done double-time. Simply put it is hard, fast and strenuous. We didn’t actually move onto the field doing it, we just ran in place for practice.

Running out of Time: The paper that I mentioned above kept me from doing some engineering homework from Monday. So I had a little more homework today than I had originally planned for.

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