The rest of the week

I’ve missed a few days, so I’ll bring you up to speed. Wednesday was a lot of fun, well at least my EET 196 lab was. We started assembling the power supply. The assembly of the printed circuit board was supposed to take two weeks, but just about everyone got it done in one. We soldered each component into place, however, we found out during the lecture today that one of the resistors that we used was the wrong value. Good thing I have a desoldering iron. That shouldn’t be to much of a hassle to fix.

Thursday was the homecoming pep rally and parade. The parade was rather frustrating for me. For some reason everything wasn’t clicking into place. The pep rally was nice, though.

Today I played in the volleyball band again. Purdue lost to fourth ranked Wisconsin in three games, but we had a lot of fun mocking their fans. They would do a cheer every time their team scored a point, so we quickly copied that and changed it just slightly.

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