Themed dinner week

Yeah, that’s how boring last week was, we themed our dinners. Actually that happened by accident, after we realized how they were going. First there was the unplanned dinner, that happened because our counselor gave us about 10 minutes warning that we were having dinner with our faculty fellow that night. Then we had the “longest dinner ever” as my away message said. For that one we ended up waiting way too long for someone to show up. Wednesday we had the shortest dinner, since we had to get to the basketball game. Thursday I had an evening exam, so we had the earliest dinner. We were waiting outside the door when the opened it. The Friday we had the latest dinner by going to Steak ‘n Shake at about 11 pm.

That’s about all that happened during the week. My parents came down here one Saturday for the band concert. Their initial plan was to go to the basketball game last weekend, but some snow kept them away. They made it down here this week before the snow, but it snowed overnight so they had a little battle with that on the way back. That was the first time in six weeks that I had seen anyone what I knew from home. I also got a lot of good food this weekend. We were planning on eating at Red Lobster before the concert, but every senior citizen in Lafayette must have been there, so we went to Chili’s instead. Then the next morning I got an omelet at the Sagamore room in the union.

On the slate for this week: nothing. Actually we were just discussing this weekend. Since no one will be on the floor this weekend, my future roommate has invited me to go home with him Friday night. We’ll see how that works out.

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