Two weeks are over already?

It’s kinda funny, at the beginning of the week it seemed like we were here for a month, now that the second week is coming to a close, it seems like we have barely been here. So now that I’ve had some time to see what my classes are like, here’s a quick rundown, in no particular order.

ECET 209, the next digital course, it really cool. We’re programming a microcontroler in C, which works nicely for me since I learned that in high school.

Then there’s ECET 207, the next analog course, that one is really interesting, and the professor is great at lecturing, but I can’t figure out his lab policy. Even though we work with a partner in lab, we can’t turn in the same data for our reports, so this essentially means that we do the stuff twice.

COM 114 shouldn’t be too bad. It’s an intro to speech course. I know that I’m not the best speaker, but its something that I would really like to work on, and I’ve noticed that if I set my goals on getting over fears, I’ve been rather successful at conquering them. My fear of heights being a prime example.

OLS 274 is not what I had expected, but it turned out for the better. Essentially it is an intro to business course, which means that I won’t have to take a separate one now, and the course counts towards my minor.

Finally, being a lab assistant for ECET 107 is a lot of fun. Yeah, it is a little repetitive, considering that there are about 20 people in the class, all working on the same thing and usually asking the same questions. But I really like being able to help other people, and by doing that I’m also helping myself understand the material.

Outside of classwork (isn’t that what college is all about) has been a lot of fun as well. I haven’t yet spent a normal weekend here, since I went home for Labor Day, but it seems to be a lot of the usual weekend fun here at the dorm. Steak ‘n Shake at midnight, a dozen or so trips to Wal-Mart, and now that I have my car I can do that whenever I want.

The room is still being refined, but it should be in a somewhat final state by the end of the weekend. I know that two extra feet doesn’t sound like a lot, but it makes a huge difference. For example, we comfortably had 5-6 people in here playing 007 Nightfire (which was a ton of fun). Of course, all of this is possible because I have an awesome roommate.

I’ve been able to put some of my ECET experience to use. My MP3 player in my car wasn’t working. I went the cheap way and got a separate MP3 player and connected it through the cassette deck and then have it powered through a cigarette lighter adapter. Well, the adapter no longer works, and I was able to do some trouble shooting with the equipment that I have in my room, which included looking up some of the parts inside the thing to see what they should be doing. I think I’ve found the problem, but I’m going to see if I still have a warranty on it.

Tomorrow is (well, technically today) is the first football game of the season. It’s the first time that I’ll be able to watch the game as a normal student, and I’m looking forward to it. I was able to do that last weekend at my high school with a few friends, and it was a completely different experience. Of course, I couldn’t get away from the band and spent some time mingling with them. One of the biggest surprises was one of our drum majors was someone who I taught to march, I had a good feeling about him, and was glad to see that he went out for it. I also found it a little funny that two of the three songs that they played for their half-time show I had played my freshmen year, six years ago.

So that’s been the last two weeks, lots of fun if I have to condense it down to a few words. I hope that things will remain this way, and you’ll know if they do. I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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