Week one

The first week back wasn’t all that bad, but the three day weekend at the end of it made it a lot better. I was quite confused on my first day. I had four different classes and couldn’t keep straight what I needed for each class. I got that sorted out by Wednesday. The EET classes were what I expected. The CGT course that I’m taking might be a little tricky, since they won’t be teaching us AutoCad, we need to learn that on our own as we go through the course. My OLS course sounds like it will be a course in memorization. Oh well, only four of those and I get a minor in Organizational Leadership and Supervision. Physics is, so far, the easiest course that I’m taking. I took it last year in high school, and had a great teacher, and the material looks like it’s very similar. Right now, I’m done with homework through week three. Band seems ok, the director is the percussion instructor, and she seems like a lot of fun. On Saturday, my entire day was taken up by the jazz fest. I was a judge

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  1. Written by Darmetreis
    on January 31, 2003 at 12:19 pm

    Yo dogg, I been really disappointed in lack of updates you been throwin down up in herre. Holla!

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