Well, I’ve been contemplating starting a blog for a while now. The biggest block to starting a blog was what to write about, but since I’ll be starting college shortly, I thought that it would be a good idea to document the experience. I also had to figure out where to put the blog, Purdue is nice enough to give me plenty of space on their web server and the let me run CGI scripts, so that made the choice rather easy. Next I had to decide how to present the blog, after a lot of thinking I decided to re-work my site (you’re looking at the new one now). The last decision was how to manage the blog, I knew that I could write the scripts myself, but it would take a long time. I came across several programs on the Internet that would do this for me, and after trying some of them, I stuck with Greymatter. If you’re interested, please check back often to see how things are going, if not, then I’ll just be documenting the experience for myself.

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