What is a lab practical?

Apparently, a lab practical is time to update my blog. I’ve got a few minutes in between the two parts of the lab practical, so I’ll take care of this. (It’s been a while anyways, hasn’t it?)

Last time I ended by saying that I couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving break, well, it seems to have came a little early this year. Actually, I got to go home last weekend because my class schedules just happened to work out that way, and there was really nothing to do here at Purdue that weekend. The home football season ended the previous weekend with a win over Iowa. Just because we aren’t playing at home, however, doesn’t mean that I won’t be going to another game. I’ll be going down to IU (Indiana University, for those of you that haven’t been around here long enough) with a few of my friends. That’s this Saturday, I’m really looking forward to that. Our win there should send us to the Citrus/Capitol One bowl in Orlando on new year’s day. That’s really cool since, not only are we going to go there as well, but my high school band will be going there.

Everything wrapped it self up last week, leaving me with the time to go home for the weekend. My project for ECET 209, the talking calculator, was due on Wednesday, and I managed to get it to work. It only took a lot of fussing around with the talking element to get it to work. I won’t even mention the dead clock on my microcontroler. I also had my speech for COM on Wednesday. It was a persuasive speech, and I was talking about funding for NASA. Now that I look back at the speech, I really can’t tell you what the point that I ended up getting to was, but I managed to get a 97% on it. I was quite surprised. It was funny to see the instructor’s comments “you must have practiced this time.” Well, yeah, I had. Actually, I did a very similar speech in my debate class during my junior year of high school.

Going home for the weekend was nice, especially since I hadn’t been planning on being able to do it until just a few days before the weekend. There wasn’t too much going on at home, but it was nice to be there for a few days. I ended up watching the game against Ohio State, visiting my grandparents, going to the grocery store where I worked this summer, twice (that’s two too many times) and going out with my girlfriend. We went to see Elf. Its a good movie with the “someone saves Christmas” theme, but its done in a very cute way. I’d recommend it.

Well this week has an exam and a lab practical (which I need to get back to really soon). Right after Thanksgiving I have two group projects due, but both of those seem to be on track so far, so they shouldn’t be much of a problem. I’ll be missing a few classes, but I’ll be home Tuesday afternoon for Thanksgiving break, I still can’t wait.

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