What’s an anagram for “start or sin”

That will continue to bug me. We got a Zelpuz card, that means you have to unscramble a word. The hint was electronic part. Normally you’d think that something like that wouldn’t be a problem for me, but the ingenious people who made Cranium figured out that “start or sin” is an anagram of “transistor.” It’s amazing how hard it is to unscramble a word when you have other ones stuck in your head.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest (at least for the moment), Cranium combines a bunch of party games into one. There’s charades, name that tune, trivia, pictionary and some new ones such as sculptures (with play dough) and backwards spelling. It’s amazing just how quickly that game, and a few friends, can turn an incredibly boring and dull night into a lot of fun.

So that was obviously the highlight of my week, so far (there’s still about 23 hours left). Other than that the week was rather dull. Next week looks to be the same, at least during the week. I’ve got tests on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the we get to the weekend. My parents will be coming down here for a basketball game vs. Illinois on Saturday, and then, weather permitting, we’re going to the Chicago auto show on Sunday. That should be a lot of fun.

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