Who thought college was about homework?

In the last two weeks I’ve had a lot to do for my classes. All of the tests that I had went quite well. I was a little confused as to why the on-line exam that we took wasn’t graded right then, but I still did well on it. I also aced both portions of the lab practical that I had. I had a huge term paper due for my OLS class. Writing the paper wasn’t all that bad, but it took me forever to get myself to read the case study booklet that was the source for most of our paper. This weekend has been eaten up by ECET 209. For some reason the professor made two huge assignments due on the same date.

Outside of class I’ve been having a lot of fun. Last weekend we went to Indy for the state marching band finals. I haven’t seen much as far as marching bands this year, but the competition was still quite impressive. I went with a few of my friends from Indiana, and their high school ended up taking second place. My RA’s high school took first, what are the odds?

Getting there and back was even more interesting. We had to drive two cars down there, which isn’t too hard, until you make a wrong turn. It’s not too often that you need to get into a lane to exit and interstate to stay on the interstate that you came into the city on. Fortunately, I had a map with me and was quickly able to find a new route. When we finally got to the RCA Dome, where the competition took place, one of my friends realized that her car was nearly out of gas. Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem, as there is a gas station on every other corner in most cities. However, when we were leaving it was nearly midnight, and there aren’t too many gas stations open at that time. After a handful of phone calls, I pulled out my AAA card and gave them a call. They were quite nice about it, and in just a few minutes had found a gas station that was open and gave me directions to it.

This weekend was a little different. Friday night was halloween, and, for some reason, I ended up going to two parties. One frat party (for no more than an hour) and one at an apartment. Maybe I was just at the frat party too early, but for some reason the alcohol didn’t seem to be as much as a problem as I though it would be. The part that really bugged me was that the party is essentially a dance, and I didn’t have anyone here to dance with. I’ll have to find some sort of dance to go to with my girlfriend next time that I’m at home.

Saturday, we had our first home football game in almost a month (three weeks if you stayed around for part of October break). We won again. My parents came down here for the game, so they took me out for dinner after the game. I believe that we’ve been to Texas Roadhouse after every game this year. Not that I’m complaining at all, they’ve got great food.

A few more than three weeks left until Thanksgiving Break. I can’t wait.

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