Opera Mobile also has some built in keyboard shortcuts for common tasks. Since I couldn’t find these documented anywhere very well here’s what I’ve found through trial and error:

  • 1 – Open URL dialog (also includes history and bookmarks)
  • 2 – Window list
  • 3 – Home page
  • 5 – Toggle images (requires page refresh)
  • 6 – Page up
  • 8 – Next window
  • 9 – Page Down
  • * – Full Screen
  • # – Toggle between desktop and fit to screen display
  • Space – Page down

After trying to get Pocket IE (the Windows Mobile version of Internet Explorer) to behave nicely, and display web pages quickly and in a usable format I finally gave up. I switched to Opera Mobile. It’s not free, but with Firefox Mobile still a ways off the $25 is well spent. Some things that it does better than IE include:

  • Formatting pages better for the smaller screen
  • Handles multiple windows with ease
  • Quicker forward an back functions
  • Faster as-you-type URL auto completion
  • Quicker loading, rendering and scrolling of large pages
  • Option for reporting itself as a desktop browser in case you don’t want the mobile version

There’s a 30-day free trial, so you can try it out yourself before buying it.