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Vista 64-Bit, The First 24 Hours

My new computer with Vista-64 arrived yesterday, and now that I’ve got the majority of my data copied over and programs installed, I’m compiling my thoughts on both Vista and the 64-bit environment. The first thing that I noticed is that you need to be careful to look for the 64-bit downloads for the software […]

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Syntax – Programming Series (3 of 3)

Syntax is structure of the programming language. It can be thought of as the verbs, nouns and parts of speech that make up English, or a foreign language. Syntax can typically fall under 3 different categories: High level, low level, and graphical. High level is what is most common today. This includes languages such as […]

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Execution Style – Programming Series (2 of 3)

There are two basic ways that a program can be executed: continuously and event driven. The execution style is dictated by the programming language, and is almost always event driven. In event driven code, nothing runs until there is a triggering event. This is often the user clicking a button, pressing a key, following a […]

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Algorithm – Programming Series (1 of 3)

After several years of programming in various languages for several different platforms there are several things I’ve come to realize about programming. I’ve broken it down into 3 separate topics, each with their own discussion. Each discussion will be added over the next few days. The heart of any program is the algorithm that actually […]

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